Proper instruction is critical to forming a technically sound and fundamentally repeatable swing. A clear understanding of sound fundamentals prevents bad practice and bad rounds.

30 Minute Video Lesson

Sometimes our ball striking is solid but ball flight isn’t what we’re expecting or a little crooked. A 30 minute lesson is sometimes all it takes to straighten out ball flight get you back on track.


60 Minute Video Lesson

When Complications arise in your swing and a thorough examination is in order a 60 minute range lesson is ideal.


Playing Lesson

Executing your swing effectively on the driving range is one thing. Executing your game on the golf course with proper club selection, creative thinking, and accurate shot making, otherwise known as ‘course management’ is something completely different and critical for a successful round.


45 Minute Short Game

It can be tricky and delicate around the greens. Knowledge and proper technique are key to effective chipping, pitching and putting.


Lesson Packages

If you’re brand new to the game and want to start from the beginning or you need of a comprehensive swing overhaul and want to improve you overall playability, lesson packages are a great option.

Three Lesson Package                                              240

Five Lesson Package                                                 375

Ten Lesson Package                                                  700

Group Lessons

Group lessons can be fun and educational at the same time. Lessons are 60 minutes, $45 per student, maximum ten students per lesson.